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I have had a few questions come up lately regarding redesign with SEO. Sometimes there is not always time or budget for such things, but I do design for SEO and establish a good foundation to allow for good SEO ranking. Some key factors to keep in mind:

4 Key SEO Tips For Website Redesigning!

Strengthen the Information Architecture:
Usability should be the key concern while designing the information architecture of the website. However, you should also consider including some SEO objectives for the usability process

Don’t Change the URLs:
When you change the URLs of your web pages, the new URLs would be treated as completely new pages by the search engines.

Update the Website Content:
Search engine crawlers are always on the look out for new and fresh content. And there is no better opportunity than the redesigning process to upload new content on your website. Unlike blogs, it is not possible to change the contents of the website, especially on the homepage etc. on regular basis.

Launch the website Carefully:

Don’t forget to run down the last minute check list before launching the new redesigned website. The search engine ranking of your website depends on a variety of factors including the website structure, the design and layout and the content.

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    September 24, 2009

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